"I got about 45 minutes of Nichelle Monroe and she lit the place up like one of those movie premiere searchlights! "

Nick Faigin, Harvelle's Blogger

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Nichelle Monroe

Her music is a brand of "Gourmet Soul", a blend of unique musical ingredients and influences carefully brought together, given fire, garnished, and presented with chunks of love. 

"I'm a Santa Monica, California native. When I was about ten years old, we moved to southern Mississippi. These two starkly different environments had profound influences on my musical personality. I grew up listening to "straight-ahead" jazz, soul,funk, rock, reggae, classical, folk, country, blues and pop." 

From those early influences, she learned to sing and perform in various styles and genres: soul, rock, jazz, hip hop, opera, dance, reggae, folk, and country. "Now, I'm a "Vocal Chameleon."

Studying opera with Emmy Award winner, Sue Ann Pinner, she honed her sensual mezzo soprano vocal range. "With my opera experience, I learned to sing and perform in five different languages: English, Spanish, Latin, Italian, and French." Her symphonic instrumental experience includes playing flute and bassoon. She also writes, produces.

Some of the artists Nichelle has  performed and/or recorded with are Talib Kweli, The Groove Junkies, Common, Mos Def, Macy Gray, daKAH Hip Hop Orchestra, Vinx, Annabella Lwin.

Love, Peace & Chocolate.


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